Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kids, The Ocean, and Meetings

I love this photo! Yes, it was several years ago, and I have no idea where Seth was, but it was fun to grab Matt and Ben and hug them at my favorite place on earth - the ocean.

This afternoon, after a very long day at church and while sitting outside a meeting room waiting for my cue to "appear" at this particular very important, high-level, muckity-muck kind of meeting, I was pleasantly surprised to be thoroughly entertained by two kids. Conner and James, ages 4 and 6 respectively told me all kinds of marvelous things about themselves. Conner shared rocks with me that he had in his pocket, and James (typical older brother) did most of the talking. They were absolutely delightful to say the least. Their mom was in a different meeting and left them in this particular place (I'm sure) to sit still, behave themselves, and not get into any kind of trouble.

I just have to tell you - I really wanted to just go crazy with these two kids. They were so full of life - bouncing on the sofa, turning cartwheels on the floor, sitting on the coffee table as if it were a boat of somekind.........talking non-stop....

Thank you, God for these kids - they made my Sunday......

And yes, my meeting while important was so influenced by my experience with Conner and James - you go, guys!!!