Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ben Worley Is 18 Today!

Goodness.....our "baby" turns 18 today!!

Here are 18 things I love about you, Ben Worley:

1. The way you keep your room clean!
2. Your shopping sprees to Goodwill for used audio equipment!
3. The way you keep your closet so neat and nicely arranged!
4. The fact that you never fight with your middle brother!
5. That you are never sarcastic!
6. That you bring muffins home from work for the whole family!
7. That you can't remember what instruments you own because you continue to borrow parts from all of them to build new instruments!
8. The way you lead your band!
9. The music you make as a player!
10. The music you create as a composer!
11. The way you act in your brother's films!
12. That you will sit and watch a movie with your Dad!
13. The questions you ask!
14. The way you negotiate things!
15. The fact that a policeman would pull you over thinking you stole a big screen TV only to find out it was your newly constructed audio control console that you built and used for the first time in your show on Saturday!
16. That you play in the Student Praise Band - learning/playing/leading songs that point people to Jesus!
17. That you love your mom and dad and your brothers and your sister-in-law, and your nephew and your grandmother and your aunt & uncle and all of your Texas relatives and whoever else in your family that I forgot to mention
18. That you have lived for 18 years in this same house and brought a ton of joy to our lives!

Happy 18th Birthday, Ben Worley!
(now go and change your Facebook profile for those who might actually believe what you write!)

Oh, and if you have spent time reading this, I will let you figure out which of the above are NOT true.......(my kids aren't the only ones who can be sarcastic......)

BTW - Mom and I are convinced if you shaved your face and straightened out your hair, you really would be Shia LeBeouf........ (but then you wouldn't be Ben Worley anymore!)