Monday, June 27, 2011

Plot Device

During the weekend of March 4-6, our oldest son, Seth (along with a cast and crew of some 20 people) invaded not only our home, but our quiet cul-de-sac to make his latest short film entitled, PLOT DEVICE.

Seth was contacted by RED GIANT (a company that makes products/software for filmmakers) to create a short film featuring some of RED GIANT's products.

Seth wrote and directed the film. His friends, Neil Hoppe (Producer) and Jeff Venable (Director of the "Behind The Scenes" feature) added to the process. Our youngest son, Ben plays the leading role in the film, and he (along with his friend, Jake Finch) composed and recorded ALL of the music used in the film. (I love this photo of Ben hard at work in a recent recording session)

The story-line of PLOT DEVICE is a kid (Ben Worley) who is interested in a filmmaking book, and is looking on-line to purchase it, when he sees another product called “Plot Device” that interests him. He orders both, and the story unfolds with him going to his mailbox to retrieve the book, but he is more interested in the “device.” He quickly learns that pressing the button on the device literally transports him into the middle of a variety of different genre of film.

Seth tells me that the "official on-line launch" of PLOT DEVICE takes place on Tuesday, June 28 @ 11:00am (CDT).

To view PLOT DEVICE (and the wonderful "Behind The Scenes" feature), click HERE


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

This morning in Sunday School, my grandson was asked these questions about his Dad.

His answers are.....well.....priceless!