Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Resilient Life - Part "Last"

OK, this has gone on long enough - I will choose to combine the final list of questions and end this saga of "oh, my, why must I deal with life in such a manner as this" confrontations.......

Hey, it's the real deal - I can't help it if the truth hurts, but it really does sometimes, doesn't it?

Oh well - here are the final list of questions, and since I don't know of ANY 60-80-somethings who read my blog - just humor yourself with these - maybe they will bring some insight to our future - maybe not - regardless, here they are, and if God is gracious enough to allow us these years, here are the questions we might be asking:

(BTW - I just happen to think they are incredibly powerful questions!)

1. When do I stop doing the things that have always defined me?
2. Why do I feel ignored by a large part of the younger population?
3. Why am I curious about who is listed in the obituary column of the newspapers, how they died, and what kinds of lives they lived?
4. Do I have enough time to do all the things I've dreamed about in the past?
5. Who will be around me when I die?
6. Which one of us will go first, and what is it like to say good-bye to someone with whom you have shared so many years of life?
7. Are the things I believe in capable of taking me to the end?
8. Is there really life after death?
9. What do I regret?
10. What are the chief satisfactions of these many years of living?
11. What have I done that will outlive me?

1. Does anyone realize of even care who I once was?
2. Is my story important to anyone?
3. How much of my life can I still control?
4. Is there anything I can still contribute?
5. Why this anger and irritability?
6. Is God really there for me?
7. Am I ready to face death?
8. And when I die (how will it happen), will I be missed, or will the news of my death bring relief?
8. Heaven? What is it like?

Part 4 of 6 - A Resilient Life - 50-somethings

Some of these hit a little too close to home.......

50-somethings find themselves wondering how many years are left......

Here some additional questions 50-somethings are asking:

1. Why is time moving so fast? (because it is moving so fast!)
2. Why is my body becoming unreliable?
3. How do I deal with my failures and my successes?
4. How can my spouse and I reinvigorate our relationship now that the children are gone? (and I'm not so sure "a naked room" is the answer - and that is only funny if you have seen the movie, "Failure To Launch"!!)
5. Who are these young people who want to replace me? (I would add - and why do they insist on calling me Mr. Worley?)
6. What do I do with my doubts and fears?
7. Will we have enough money for retirement years if there are health problems and economic downturns?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Resilient Life - Part 3 of 6

Sorry to not keep this going at least daily - life keeps getting in the way.

Here are the questions 40-somethings are asking - maybe not aloud - but trust me, they are asking them:

1. Who was I as a child?
2. What powers back then influence the kind of person I am today?
3. Why do some people seem to be doing better than I?
4. Why am I often disappointed with myself and others?
5. Why are limitations beginning to outnumber options?
6. Why do I seem to face so many uncertainties?
7. What can I do to make a greater contribution to my generation?
8. What would it take to pick up a whole new life-calling in life and do the thing I've always wanted to do?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Resilient Life - Part 2 of 6

Part Two brings the questions that 30-somethings would ask if you really confronted them with what they really want to know out of life.

1. How do I prioritize the demands being made on my life?
2. How far can I go in fulfilling my sense of purpose?
3. Who are the people with whom I know I walk through life?
4. What does my spiritual life look like?
5. Do I even have time for one?
6. Why am I not a better person?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Resilient Life

I have not had much time for reading lately with wedding, friday night football, stuff at church, and tons of other things going on.

I have, however been making my way through Gordon MacDonald's book, A Resilient Life.

Alot of this book is stuff I kinda already knew or at least had read before, but one chapter particularly nailed me - and still continues to cause me to ponder deeply. (is there any other way to ponder?)

He talks about the "real matters of life" questions that different generations ask - they might not come right out and ask them on a regular basis, but they are indeed the questions that when forced to examine the deepest soul-searching crevices of our lives, these are pretty much the ones that truly matter.

See if you don't agree:

20-somethings ask -
What kind of man or woman am I becoming?
How am I different from my mother or father?
Where can I find a few friends who will welcome me as I am and who will offer the familylike connections that I need (or never had)?
Can I love, and am I lovable?
What will I do with my life?
What is it that I really want in exchange for my life's labors?
Around what person or conviction will I organize my life?

I think I will close this post with this list. Next post will list the 30-something questions, and I will continue posting this next week until I have listed the 70-80-somethings questions - man, they are amazing!

happy pondering.....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Heismann - 2008?

OK, I realize how bold and even possibly arrogant this post may seem, but let's just consider........

Wait - before we consider - let me give you some background.

This "kid" is the grandson of my mom's first cousin. His great-grandfather was my grandfather's brother. Ponder that for a few moments. and of course, we have never met......

However, for as long as I can remember, his Dad and I have shared wonderful memories at every Family Reunion that has ever taken place. This guy is the "real deal".

Let's now consider......

Stephen McGee (Texas A&M) was impressive at quarterback in the final five and a half quarters of last season after taking over for the injured Reggie McNeal, who suffered a sprained ankle midway through the third quarter against Oklahoma … in those five and a half quarters, McGee rushed for 175 yards on 34 carries (5.1 per carry) and completed 9-of-29 passes for 83 yards, while leading the Aggies to 10 scoring opportunities on 19 drives … for the season.

McGee completed 24-of-53 passes for 283 yards and two touchdowns and one interception in eight games … he rushed for 235 yards and two touchdowns on 43 carries (5.5 average) … started the Texas game … best passing game was a 9-of-15 effort for 112 yards and a touchdown against Colorado … best rushing game was 108 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries against Texas.

HIGH SCHOOL: Three-year starter at quarterback for Class 3A Burnet High School, leading his team to a combined record of 36-5 (including a 28-2 mark as a junior and senior) … Burnet appeared in the 3A state finals in 2002 and 2003 … did not throw a single interception in the 2003 regular season … finished his career with 8,256 passing yards and a 3A state-record 101 passing touchdowns … as a senior, McGee completed 196-of-313 passes for 3,579 yards with 47 touchdowns and three interceptions … as a junior, he completed 155-of-276 passes for 2,841 yards and 34 touchdowns and five interceptions … as a sophomore, he connected on 93-of-176 attempts for 1,829 yards, 20 touchdowns and eight interceptions … two-time all-state selection and three-time all-district pick … named the 3A Offensive Most Valuable Player after his senior year … also earned Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine Super Team second-team and Austin American-Statesman All-Centex Co-Player of the Year honors … coached by Bob Shipley … also played basketball and track and field … all-district on the hardwood as a sophomore, but was injured as a junior … advanced to the regional meet in track with the 400- and 1,600-meter relays … an excellent student, McGee was Burnet’s No. 1-ranked student-athlete and ranked No. 9 overall in his senior class of over 250.

Completions: 9 vs. Colorado 2005
Attempts: 23 vs. Texas 2005
Yards: 112 vs. Colorado 2005
Long Pass: 40 (td) vs. Colorado 2005
Rushes: 24 vs. Texas 2005
Rushing Yards: 108 vs. Texas 2005
Long Rush: 49 vs. Texas 2005

Last week vs. Kansas -
AT&T Offensive Player of the Week: Stephen McGee, So, QB, Texas A&M (Burnet, Texas)

In Texas A&M's come-from-behind, 21-18, win at Kansas, quarterback Stephen McGee engineered a pair of 80-yard, fourth-quarter scoring drives for the Aggies. He led A&M on a 12-play drive in the closing minutes by converting three third down passes including a 35-yard strike to set up the game winning touchdown with 0:34 left. McGee completed 25-of-40 attempts, with no interceptions, for 240 yards.

He has thrown ONE interception in his last 137 attempts.

I just have to believe - based on what I know and hear about this young man - that he HAS to be a contender for the Heismann in 2008.......

you can say you read it here on October 11, 2006......

to keep up with Stephen, go HERE