Friday, April 15, 2011

Please Do It Better Than Me

I don't even know if that is correct grammar. I am certain Karla will correct me!

Tonight, I sent an e-mail to one of the people I consider a "next generation leader" - a dear friend and partner in ministry. I talked about alot of stuff I am dealing with. I did that because everyone in ministry has to have someone to whom they can "vent"......

Through the years, I have heard the phrase quoted in a somewhat jokingly but serious manner - "ministry would be great if it were not for the people."

I know that is such a dumb phrase, but goodness, it is so true.

I need to learn more from Jesus on how he dealt with the people.

People mess everything up. People make everything happen. People get in the way. People make the way. People discourage you. People encourage you.

You can't do ministry without people.

Ministry is the constant dealing with every conceivable relational experience involving people.

So, after spending a considerable amount of time describing my current state of feelings regarding a particular aspect of my ministry, I ended my "rant/vent" with these words.......

I pray that you will learn from this.
I pray that you will "do it better than me."

Each day that I live, I am reminded of my priority to do whatever I have to do to make sure those who walk after me not only learn from me, but do it better than me.