Saturday, May 30, 2009

Watching My Friend Have The Time Of His Life!

Last Friday evening, Karla and I attended the Nashville Symphony concert as guests of our dear friend, Billy Ray Hearn.

Being with Billy Ray and his wife, Nancy is always special, but this particular evening was extra special.

A few weeks earlier, at a fund-raiser for the Symphony, one of the items that donors could "bid on" was an opportunity to CONDUCT THE SYMPHONY!!!

Well, Billy Ray WON, and here is my best effort to capture his "moment" using my cell phone camera - (keep in mind they do NOT allow photography during Symphony concerts, so I probably broke several rules, but I don't care!)

It was such a wild ride watching him conduct! I was thrilled for my friend, and he did an outstanding job!!!

Way to go Billy Ray!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Knee Pain

5 days after my knee "scope", Matt and I were driving over to Seth and Arley's new house to mow and edge their yard.

We were on I65 headed north when this truck got my attention.

Good grief, what a truck, and what a way to get someone's attention!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Past 30 Days

The past 30 days have been stupid crazy - much like everyone else's life these days!

In the past 30 days, the following has occurred in and around our small world:

1. I "re-furbished" the backyard fort, added a new roof, slide, and swing!

2. Ben and his lovely date, Marissa went to Prom

3. Seth became 25 years old, and we celebrated his birthday!

4. My mother's first cousin's grandson got drafted by the Dallas Cowboys!

5. Seth and Arley closed on their first house - exciting days ahead for them!

6. BBC moved its PM Sunday Service to the new Hudson Hall.

7. I traveled to New York City to visit Redeemer Presbyterian Church!
(I'm convinced I am supposed to be a Presbyterian)

8. Matt (and a team of 4 other Samford students)
won the Regions Bank New Venture Challenge
(a business plan competition for Samford students) - how exciting!

9. Ben had his Spring Band Concert - outstanding!

10. BBC had a Missions Celebration Service - part of which we honored ReConstruct!

11. Ben had his Spring Band Banquet - he won (2) awards!

12. We celebrated Mother's Day with a fantastic lunch cooked by Paul -
then Karla celebrated by going to see Star Trek!

13. Elliott discovered the trampoline, and wishes to make it his new home!

14. Seth finished his LifeWay Fuge Camp Videos - they are all outstanding!

15. Matt has a new job - (in addition to mowing lawns for David Moody all summer)!

16. Seth premiered his film, The Time Closet
at the Western Kentucky Film Festival!

17. I created a "When I Die" file - everyone should have one - seriously!

18. I had knee surgery

19. Because of my knee surgery, we missed the James Taylor Concert last night
(major bummer) I hope J&M enjoyed it in our place!!

20. Someone ran into the back of our Expedition

21. Ben ran into the back of another person's car

22. Karla "had" to get a new phone - she has now discovered "Twitter"
So, where do I begin to blog about (22) things in (30) days? I can't, and I won't.

Sometimes I'm better off making a list, and moving on - just grateful for a life that is anything but boring!