Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 24, 1979

31 years ago on this date, Karla and I said "I do" in front of family members and a small gathering of friends in Dallas, Texas. (we were married before video camcorders were invented,
so a few photos were the best we could come up with to capture the ceremony!)

Our life together has never been boring and always fascinating!

I am thankful for our family, our amazing friends, and our incredible sons.
I am also thankful that God brought Arley into our lives, and now Elliott.

I love you, Karla Ruth - you bring laughter and joy to my life!
Let's see if we can do 31 more years!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time Stands Still - Part 2

1970 Thomas Jefferson High School Baseball Team - San Antonio, Texas

Coach Arnold is standing at the far left end of the second row.

Can you find me?????

What a fun group of guys - everyone should be a part of team - always!

Time Stands Still

I received a most memorable phone call today sitting at home on a beautiful, (and unusual) warm sunny February day.

The caller ID said Frank Arnold. Realizing that I had written a letter (remember those?) to this person earlier this week, I was not surprised, but then again, very surprised to see that name pop up on my phone caller ID.


I have not had a conversation with this person in 40 years!

Frank Arnold was my high school baseball coach. I graduated high school in 1970.

One week ago, he was "deservedly" inducted into the
San Antonio Sports Hall Of Fame

When my mom told me this, and then was able to get his home address, I wrote him to congratulate him and to tell him the difference he made in my life.

Coach Arnold was a great coach - he believed in me way more than I believed in myself. The longer you live, the more you realize how important people like Coach Arnold are in your life.

What a joy to "catch up with him" over a 20 minute phone conversation.

Today, I truly feel like time stood still - I visualized being on the field as a 17-year old as this man hit hundreds of grounders to me to make me a better second baseman, but more importantly, his demeanor and his encouragement to challenge me to be more than I believed I could be.

He was grateful for my letter. I was grateful for his presence in my life at a time when I most needed that kind of influence.

Thank you, Coach Arnold, and again - congratulations for the honors bestowed upon you - they are well-deserved!