Thursday, February 24, 2011

32 Years!

Today I celebrate being married to Karla Ruth Cox for 32 years.

On the one hand, "it's just another year we have been married" - on the other hand, "comparitively speaking, we have been married for a pretty long time."

When asked about his relationship/marriage to his wife, a friend replied in this manner, "I have been married for 35 years......32 of the happiest years of my life."

I love his honesty.

How does one live 11,680 days together with the same person and not deal with adversity, frustration, financial stress, anger, pain, fear, insecurity, boredom, intimacy issues, the monumental task of raising kids, and even have doubts in general about marriage? I don't know the answer or answers to that question. I just know that God has allowed something to happen in my relationship to Karla that keeps us moving forward living life together.

So on this rainy Thursday with nothing spectacular being planned, we "celebrate" our 32nd Wedding Anniversary. When talking about how we wanted to celebrate, Karla's response was "all I want to do is sit across the table from you and talk"......

Maybe that's part of the answer to staying in love with the same person "til death do us part."