Friday, February 24, 2012

Marriage - 33 Years

My first words to Karla this morning were - "thank you for staying married to me for 33 years!"

I really wasn't kidding!

It's pretty amazing to get to spend 33 years of your life with the same person.

As I write this, Karla is showing pictures of our wedding to Ben. (we have no video of our wedding because camcorders were not in existence in 1979) Just writing that makes me feel even older than I am.

Anyway - I am grateful today for the blessing of marriage and for the testimony that it is of God's grace!

And my kids and grandkids should be grateful, too - HA!

Here is one of my many favorite pictures of Karla - taken in 2006 at one of our (3) most favorite places God created - Cape Town, South Africa!

Happy Anniversary, Karla - my life would be terribly boring without you!