Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Resilient Life

I have not had much time for reading lately with wedding, friday night football, stuff at church, and tons of other things going on.

I have, however been making my way through Gordon MacDonald's book, A Resilient Life.

Alot of this book is stuff I kinda already knew or at least had read before, but one chapter particularly nailed me - and still continues to cause me to ponder deeply. (is there any other way to ponder?)

He talks about the "real matters of life" questions that different generations ask - they might not come right out and ask them on a regular basis, but they are indeed the questions that when forced to examine the deepest soul-searching crevices of our lives, these are pretty much the ones that truly matter.

See if you don't agree:

20-somethings ask -
What kind of man or woman am I becoming?
How am I different from my mother or father?
Where can I find a few friends who will welcome me as I am and who will offer the familylike connections that I need (or never had)?
Can I love, and am I lovable?
What will I do with my life?
What is it that I really want in exchange for my life's labors?
Around what person or conviction will I organize my life?

I think I will close this post with this list. Next post will list the 30-something questions, and I will continue posting this next week until I have listed the 70-80-somethings questions - man, they are amazing!

happy pondering.....