Thursday, June 15, 2006

Father's Day - 2006

This picture is so full of "oh my gosh, I can't believe you posted such a photo and opened the door for comments"!

Yep, I did it.......this is 1972 - good grief. Does anyone remember where you were (34) years ago. (I know, some of you reading this were not even BORN!!!!!!)

Here's me, standing with my Mom and Dad, and the look I am getting from my Dad says it all. (I want that outfit my Dad is wearing!!)

I had just returned from a summer of singing and "ministry" with the Continental Singers. The whole direction of my life was altered that summer, and I began to believe that music and ministry would become a vital part of me from that point on.

The "look" from my Dad was because my hair had NEVER been that long EVER. He was not a happy camper. (but, oh, I was SO handsome, don't you think?) Interesting the things that create division among fathers and sons - the length of ones hair.

I am grateful me and my Dad could get beyond that one. I wish I could post every photo of every bookcase, dog house, picnic table, work bench, and numerous other "works of art" that my Dad and I have built and created over time. He is one amazing man, and I am blessed to be his son.

On this upcoming Father's Day 2006, I hope that my sons learn a few things from me - mainly how to love God and how much they are loved by me and their most wonderful mom.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

and oh, did you notice who's on the TV in that photo - Rex Humbard - now there's a blast from the past for all you TV Evangelist fans........

and oh, oh - what WAS I thinking with that shirt and tie? stupidity and lack of taste run rampant in the Worley clan..........