Monday, June 26, 2006

Just For Arley

OK, I can see why Arley would think I love Matt and Ben more than Seth (jokingly) since I blogged twice about them with photos. So, this one's for Arley....

Actually, it's for me to talk about my son, Seth, too!

Twice in the past week, I have been in two entirely different locations - Franklin, TN watching a football scrimmage (yes, in June - football!), and then at a Burger King in Elizabethtown, KY when people I do not know began talking about videos that my son, Seth had created.

Actually, at the Burger King in Elizabethtown, there were a whole herd of kids with Centri-Fuge t-shirts on, so when I got in line behind them, I asked one of their sponsors where they had been that week for their Centri-Fuge camp. One thing led to another only to find out that Seth's videos had been shown there and were greatly admired and appreciated.

I can still remember the summer several years ago when every Friday at noon, Seth and I would go to the newest movie release.....well, we would do that if the rating was acceptable. (That's a whole 'nother blog.....)

I am grateful for Seth's imagination and his creativity. It's never predictable, and it's always unique.

I am always interested in "what's next" from him......

So, Arley - here's a post for you and your future husband!