Friday, June 09, 2006

Just A Simple Lunch

It was just a simple lunch appointment, but the purpose of getting together was more than a visit or to "get caught up" as friends.

Billy Ray Hearn is my hero. This man has more vision, more passion, more love for God and life and people, and being around him is always an inspiration. He introduces me to other people as "his minister of music". What an honor that is for me - more than he realizes.

Billy Ray's wife, Joanie was in a terrible automobile accident last September. She suffered numerous injuries and as a result, has never recovered to be able to live her life like she was before that accident. Now, her days with us seem to be numbered. Billy Ray called me to ask me to meet and help him plan the music for her memorial service.

I will never forget my lunch on Wednesday with Billy Ray. He was quiet, almost numb,
and exhausted from caring for Joanie over these past (9) months, but wanting so to make sure her life is honored with God-honoring music. I will do all I can for this man and his wife.

It seems strange to meet with someone to plan such a service while they are still living, but we both agreed that was best under these difficult circumstances.

I guess the strangest of my feelings right now has to do with the fact that Billy Ray's first wife died several years ago, so now this man is going through the same thing twice in a just is not fair at all.......

So, I will cherish that simple lunch with this man I admire. I pray you would do the same with those you love......

The photo is from this past February when the organization that produces The Grammys honored Billy Ray. Pictured (L-R) are Recording Academy President Neil Portnow, Bill Hearn (Billy Ray's son), actor and GRAMMY winning Sparrow Records recording artist Andy Griffith, and Billy Ray Hearn.