Monday, July 13, 2009

Texas Family Reunion

Having traveled some 1,800+ miles, spent 30 some-odd hours in the same vehicle, and had a wonderful time with my "Texas" family as well as getting even more acquainted with my own family, I thought I would take a few minutes to share some photos and look back on the past few days.....

1 - My mom (Alice Ruth) and her sister (Faye)
2 - These (3) guys belong to my sister - (L-R) - oldest son, Brian - son, Kyle - husband, Sam
3 - Ben Worley - (who spent most of his time at his computer composing music or being with Elliott - see photo below!)
4 - Elliott and Seth
5 - Matt - (over his left shoulder is my first cousin, Rodney McGee - Rodney's son, Stephen was just drafted by the Dallas Cowboys - made for quite a stir at the family reunion!!)
6 - Stopped by the cemetary so Arley could see my Dad's gravesite. I am so grateful that God took him in April. If he had lived into the summer, we could have never had a beautiful grave-side service because of the extreme heat - honestly, with 3-digit temperatures, we could barely stand to be outside for any length of time...
7 - These guys (E and Ben) has SO MUCH FUN together on the whole trip!!
8 - All the kids have to perform as part of the program - Elliott preferred to watch from down front!!
9 - My mom bought this toy for my nephew 37 years ago - Fisher Price would be proud!!
10 - My brother-in-law gave Matt a kayak - all we had to do was "get it home".....

A most memorable trip in so many ways - Arley, Seth, and Karla all captured the trip in their own unique ways as well. I am still amazed that you can drive for hours and still never make it out of the state of Texas!!!!