Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Staying In Love

A friend came to see me last week, then told me he would be heading to Atlanta for the weekend, and he was going to attend North Point Community Church for the first time.

I was somewhat surprised that he had not already visited North Point, so I asked him if their pastor, Andy Stanley would be speaking? He was not sure. I offered to find out for him.

To my friend's disappointment, Andy was actually speaking that Sunday at Willow Creek Church in Chicago, IL.

I happen to follow Andy on Twitter, and he sent this on Sunday morning.

"I am speaking at Willow Creek this morning - filling in for John Maxwell who is filling in for Bill Hybels - being 3rd string ain't bad"

So, I decided to see what Andy had to say as "3rd string" at Willow last Sunday.

If you are married, and you care about the person you are married to, you MUST take 35 minutes to watch THIS

1. Once you click on the site
3. Andy's Sermon Information will appear
4. Click on VIDEO and enjoy....

Powerful stuff!