Friday, January 16, 2009

Will It Be Maroon Or Blue & Gold?

I love high school sports.

It's real, there's no media hype, there's no debates over play-off systems, there's no "business" in it - just young men and women having fun developing their God-given abilities and skills at a particular sport while hopefully learning the true meaning of competition. You never forget your high school sports playing days - ever!

Tonight, two teams will face each other as district rivals - they know each other, they have grown up playing against each other in sports, and they may even go to church with each other.

Brentwood vs. Franklin

If you live in Williamson County located just south of downtown Nashville, you have to at least know of these two schools. Each one absolutely loves to beat up on the other one - regardless of what sport it is. It defines rivalry.

It has been a long time since Brentwood has beaten Franklin in boys basketball.

Evidently, that is of major concern for the Brentwood head coach - so much so that he has refused to give his team their regular practice jerseys since the season began 3 months ago. He refuses to give them their jerseys UNTIL THEY BEAT FRANKLIN.
To make matters worse (and funnier!), in the meantime, he has made them wear maroon jerseys (Franklin's color).

So, what will it be come Monday in practice for Brentwood? Will they "earn" their coveted Blue & Gold practice jerseys or will they be forced to swallow yet another bitter pill and continue to have to wear maroon everyday in practice?

Tune in tomorrow where I will blog about the outcome!

I really do love high school sports!