Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Very Random Moment

I hesitated blogging about what happened to me last Sunday morning after our second worship service because 1) I made such a "dork" of myself, and 2) this will really sound like I am either name-dropping and/or patting myself on the back.

What the heck - this is what really happened.....

I was standing in the main area of our Music/Worship Office Suite talking with two friends, and I was facing the door, when a man walked into the office, made eye contact with me, and asked if I had a moment to speak with him.

As I made eye contact, I immediately blurted out, "I know you!" (what I meant was - I "recognize your face", but I did not who the person was)

I walked over to him, shook his hand, and introduced myself. He introduced himself to me and began to as genuinely as anyone has ever spoken to me - look me in the eye and tell me graciously and humble how much he appreciated me, what I do, what we do as a worship ministry, etc.....

The person was Lee Greenwood.

It was so totally random.

He and his family have evidently been coming regularly to our church, and he told me that he followed me back to my office area to express his gratitude to me.

He then said if there was every anything he could do for me to call on him.

Again - so totally random.

If you are too young to know the name or have an appreciation for the extent of this man's musical career, be sure to check him out by clicking HERE.

You just never know who is going to walk up to you after a worship service!

(hey, at least he didn't write me an anonymous note!!)