Monday, September 15, 2008

Praying Friends

I receive a weekly e-mail update from a person I have never met. I continue to do so because he consistently includes quotes from various authors on the subject of worship and theology that are always an inspiration to me.

He is obviously a very intelligent, compassionate, and Godly man - based on what I know of him through others who actually know him personally.

Recently, He became ill with cancer, so now each week he gives a brief health update at the conclusion of his regular inspirational updates.

I have noticed two things about this that impress me:

1. He always lists the quote BEFORE his update - that tells me what someone else has to say about worship and theology is more important to him to communicate to his list of recipients than how he happens to be doing physically that particular week.

2. He always begins his health update with "Dear Praying Friends"......

I so love that.......after all, what other kinds of friends would a person want?