Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday!

Today we celebrate 16 years with Ben Worley!

It's never easy being the youngest of (3) brothers, but Ben has his own style and his own way about him.

Here are ten things I love about Ben:

1. His laugh
2. His loudness
3. His sarcasm
4. His self-taught ability to play the upright bass (arco)
5. His self-taught ability to play tenors (quads - those 4 drums you strap to your body in marching band) and march while playing them
6. His love for God
7. His love for people
8. His love for his brothers
9. His creativity
10. His convictions

Happy 16th, young man - God did good when He made you, and Mom and I are grateful He entrusted you to us......