Friday, August 15, 2008

Front Porch Photo

Why do "first days of school" keep flying by?

It is truly hard to believe we only have one left on the front porch for first day of school. (our tradition each year - first day of school front porch photo)

Granted next Thursday, we will find a way to capture some kind of photo of Matt on the campus of his new "home" for the next however many years, but I really am still trying to figure out when these little boys grew up?

I love Ben Worley and his gigantic personality that manifests itself in so many beautiful and entertaining ways. (would I have ever thought about wearing bright green pants to school?) The words that come out of his mouth and the creativity that flows from him are only exceeded in quality by the depth of this kid's love for God and people.

My life is blessed with 3 amazing sons and now an incredible grandson. We get a couple of more years with a "front porch" kid around the house before he heads off to God knows where.

I guess then I will have to beg for front porch photos of Elliott!