Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21, 2008 - What A Day!

I'm not sure I can do justice attempting to blog with words and photos to describe this day.

The short version:

1. We took Matt to college (Samford in Birmingham, AL) today.
2. We returned just in time to attend Open House at Franklin High to meet Ben's teachers
3. Seth had a great friend say nice things about the film he is making.
4. Elliott's latest video is beyond hilarious and entertaining.

The Worley boys just keep bringing great joy to this world!

Here are some photos of the "taking the boy off to college" experience!

The Journey Begins - (literally as the sun was coming up, I drove behind his loaded-down Jeep)

Matt's Dorm Room Desk - (God, please make this boy study!)

Matt's Bed - (creative comforter made from his t-shirts by his grandmother!)

His First Official Day Of College - (standing in front of his dorm)

God only knows what is next. For today, I can't find enough ways to express my gratitude to God for allowing me to experience the incredible joys of these young men and where they are in their journey. College, high school, parenthood - all just trying to find their way and make their mark for the glory of God.