Monday, July 23, 2007

Williamson County Wonder #3

Recently, in the Williamson A.M. section of our newspaper, someone picked the "wonders of the county" and wrote about them. Honestly, I don't remember what #1 or #2 were, but #3 was interesting to me because I drive by it everyday.

(Here's how the newspaper described it)

For more than a year and a half, Brentwood drivers have watched the progress of one Mockingbird Hill home at Concord and Franklin Roads.

The owners of the 20,000 square-foot, Mediterranean-style home have asked to remain anonymous, but we can tell you a little about the multi-million-dollar home.

It includes six garages and 126 windows, a wine cellar, sauna, home theater, a spacious master suite, a pool house and guest house.

Particularly unique features include a coffee bar in the master suite, a water feature in the master bathroom, a 30-foot-tall round entry foyer, an extensive swimming pool and waterscape, and an observation tower.

In a county of impressive homes, this one stands as a wonder to thousands of motorists who see it each day.

Here's my top ten things I have to say/ask about this as I read about it:

(please pardon my ignorance which I feel certain I will reveal)

1. How many people will live in the 20,000 sq. feet of space?
2. How many bedrooms?
3. What about the kitchen?
4. Only ONE home theater in 20,000 square feet?
5. Six-car garage? I'm guessing the guest house is bigger than my house!
6. What does "extensive" mean when describing the swimming pool?
7. 126 windows? My home has 12 - (if Karla had her way, we would have close to 120 even in our 2,400 square-foot home!
8. What the heck is a "water feature" in the master bath?
9. Coffee bar in the master bedroom - with 20,000 square-feet, why not a Starbucks!
10. The view must be amazing if they built an observation tower! I hope they like looking at our church since I'm certain it occupies the bulk of their view from their observation tower!

Who knows, maybe they go to my church! If so, please don't be anonymous - invite me over for dinner - I promise not to "gawk"!!! (is that a word?)