Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saving Grace

I watched this show on Monday night. It was very disturbing.

I can’t figure out if I was offended or authentically confronted with the reality that much of the world is contained in the Holly Hunter character. Probably both…….

I don’t want to judgmental, but I also don’t like any kind of stereo-typical portrayal of what someone thinks followers of Christ are like.

I wish I were a better writer to be able to articulate what I truly feel.

Here is my best stab at it.

Just when I thought this show was over the top in it’s drama, they would throw in a line or two that reeled me back in. I wish I knew more about the writers. They either really get it or they are working very hard at trying to get it. Someone has done their research on dialogue, questions, and conversation topics of people who are asking questions about their faith.

Here’s what I mean by that - God is always pursuing people. Even people who are outwardly opposed to being pursued by God. He is always trying to reach them - get to them - save them, but it always comes down to people having to decide for themselves - do I really believe in God? Do I really need God? Is He for real? If I say yes to God, what does that mean? Can He really, honestly change me? Do I want to really, honestly be changed?

It always comes down to a question of faith.

I want so much to believe that that is the underlying theme of this show - does this Holly Hunter character really have the faith to believe? And if so, what does that mean?

I am curious to know where this series will take us. Yes, there are offensive scenes, content, and language, and there is some “out there” theology, but they are asking some “right” questions, dealing with some very real issues of faith, and I applaud TNT or whomever for bringing that into our homes via cable TV.

I guess we will see where it goes, and I suppose I will watch again not really sure why it has “drawn me in”………