Thursday, November 02, 2006

Toby Keith - Ford F-150 Truck - NPR

One of the first things you hear when you move to Nashville - especially if you happen to work in the music business - is everyone knows everyone. It really is a very small community of folk who pretty much know each other. If you don't know "everyone", then you at least know someone who knows someone.

A few years ago, Karla and I went next door to our neighbor's home to join in a small party (more of a celebration) for their daughter who was graduating from high school. There were several folks there that we knew, and others who looked familiar to us. One of those people who looked familiar to me came up to me (later in the evening) and said, "I think we know each other, my name is Phil Madeira." I did in fact know and remember Phil - one of Nashville's finest session musicians, and a pretty great songwriter himself. I asked him what he was working on, and he said he had just written a song that was going to be on Toby Keith's next CD. He then started telling me all about the song (this is why I LOVE Nashville). I love hearing songwriters tell their stories about their songs. The most interesting thing about this song was it's title - "If I Was Jesus". After I initially got over the shock of Toby Keith singing a song about Jesus, I was thrilled for Phil since that particular cut assured him of some fairly decent income for sure.

Of course, as soon as that particular Toby Keith CD was released, I went out and bought it. To say I caught grief from my sons for buying a Toby Keith CD would be an understatement.

That whole story came back to me a couple of weekends ago when I was home sick, and watched a stupid amount of TV, and guess what commercial I saw over and over and over again - yes - Toby Keith promoting Ford Trucks. Well, for those of you who don't already know - I have a new (new for me - it's a 2003) Ford F-150 Truck. I love it.

I am sure that by now you have concluded that I must keep that Toby Keith CD in the center console of my truck, but actually I don't. I just might be the only person in Nashville who drives a truck, and the music that you will hear (more often than not) coming from my cab will be the music played on our local NPR station.

Go figure - a guy listening to classical music in his Ford F-150........

Sorry Toby.........