Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lethal Lefties or "It Really Is Basketball Season"!

A person should never have to sit through (3) basketball games in an afternoon and evening, but such is the case with high school basketball.

It IS that season again, and I am beginning to get pretty excited about it.

Tonight, we watched our team completely dominate our opponent on their home floor - that is always fun and impressive.

This photo is a favorite because I so love these three guys!

(left to right) - Ryan (senior), Gabe (senior), and Matt (junior).

Ryan and Gabe are two of the most lethal left-handed high school 3-point shooters I have ever witnessed. Matt is one of (4) juniors just trying hard to contribute to a team that is rich in senior leadership, strong in junior representation, and blessed with one of the most amazing sophomore classes EVER in the history of Franklin High School basketball!

I took this photo this summer when we were all in Orlando, FL for the AAU National Tournament........what an experience for our guys!

If you ever get the opportunity to come to a Franklin High School basketball game, I promise you you will not be disappointed! This team is fun to watch, and oh so deep with talent!!