Monday, March 16, 2009

Young Church Singers

OK - I am REALLY "dating" myself now.....

As a student at Baylor University, I had the joy and privilege of being in a contracted studio session recording group - hired by WORD Music (located at that time in Waco, Texas) to record about once a month on a Saturday in Dallas, Texas.

The leader and person who formed/hired (and named) this group was Charles F. Brown. At that time, he was Senior Editor in charge of all choral works published by WORD Music, and he needed an quick and inexpensive way to record his choral demonstration recordings.

So, he hired a bunch of college students, and called us the "Young Church Singers."

Not highly original, but heck 30+ years ago, we thought it was pretty cool!

This group was really good - (I still am not sure how I got in, but it sure was fun -and hard work!)

I am guessing this photo was taken sometime around 1975 or 1976.

Oh to be a college student again and earn $75 on a Saturday, hanging out with good friends and making good music!

(The first person to identify me in the photo gets a free recording of the Young Church Singers - HA HA!!)