Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Very Random Thoughts On "New"

This might be my most random and potentially ridiculous blog post in a very long time if not ever, so if you dare - keep reading......

Why do we crave new?
When does new become not new?
When does new become old?
Is there a time in between not new and old?
Why is new to some and not to others?
Why do worship leaders insist on singing new songs all the time?
Why would we rather drive a new car than a "pre-owned" car?
Why do we want a new house?
Why do we want a new job?
Why do we crave new clothes?
new furniture
new kitchen
new garage
new girlfriend
new boyfriend
new wife
new husband
new computer
new cell phone
new widescreen HDTV

What is our fascination with new?
What is right with new?
What is wrong with not new?

I guess this hit me this week related to songs and church buildings.
In my profession, I am always looking for new songs - particular right now new Easter songs. On a weekly basis, worship leaders everywhere are introducing new songs to their congregations. What is new to some is vaguely familiar to others. What is old to some, is brand new to others. What gives? I remind my choir often that some of the older hymns we sing were new at one point - they refuse to believe that (smile)!

We are about to open a new building/room/space on our church campus called the Connection Center. I still remember when we moved into our now-almost-7-year-old Worship Center. How exciting it was to be there because it was new. Now it is not nearly as exciting to be in that room because we have become familiar with it. The new Connection Center will be new. So that makes me wonder when it will no longer "feel" new to everyone.

Why does any of this matter?

I don't really know except that I guess I want to be careful not to always be consumed with new. New always becomes not new and eventually old. Keeping new in persepective might be a good thing.

I tend to be equally thrilled that within God's Church we celebrate a new baby, new Christians, as well as honor those who have been married for 50+ years!