Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Camp

There is something about summer camp that always gets me.

For years of summers, I have watched my sons go off for a week away from their parents and return different from the way they were when they departed for their camp destination.

All of these camps must have had some kind of life-transforming and/or life-shaping experiences because even now Seth (my 24-year old) spends most of his days creating both hilarious and meaningful videos for some of the best camps offered this summer -and he even gets paid to create them!

Our two youngest sons returned today from our church student camp. They are both different young men - it really is that visible - even on the outside. Who can imagine what has happened on the inside. Certainly God knows - after all - He did it.

I love this photo of Matt - it was taken two weeks ago at Windy Gap in North Carolina while he was attending Young Life Camp.

If I created a caption for this photo - it would read, "ahh, now, this is summer camp!"