Monday, January 14, 2008

Why Don't We Ever Sing "__________" Anymore?

My position as worship minister opens the door (quite often) for comments, opinions, suggestions, and even criticism for how we do worship - most especially the songs we sing or don't sing.

A few months ago, a guy came up to me after a service and asked me if we could sing "__________" (a title of a song that will remain nameless for this blog) sometime? I told him (like I tell everyone) I would certainly consider it.

We sing 3-4 songs every Sunday. We have averaged (over the past several years) somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 different hymns and 45 different choruses sung in our services each year.

Back to my story -
So, this same guy (I think) e-mails me in November to remind me to sing "__________". I ignored it because I was busy with Christmas, and honestly, this song didn't fit at Christmas anyway.

Well, this past Sunday morning as we were preparing for our orchestra and other worship leaders to arrive, this same guy (whom I did not recognize) makes his way through the Worship Center evidently on his way elsewhere, never stops walking, but says to me (loud enough for those around to hear as well), "are we singing '______________' today?" When I told him, "no", he replied, "well, I sure wish we would sometime soon because we haven't sung that song in so long, I think I have forgotten the words." (he never broke stride as he headed out the door elsewhere)

I have wondered what he would have done if by chance Sunday would have been the day we really were going to sing "____________"????