Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Territory For Me

I have lived for 55 years, and "first time" experiences are fewer and far between.

Tonight, however was one of those "firsts" for me, and a huge lesson in today's technology and "how things work these days"......

I received a phone call this evening from a college football coach at a mid-size university. He asked for my son, Matt, but Matt was not available. He identified himself and told me that he had received information on my son, and wanted to know if he had a highlight video because he wanted to see it.

I told him we had one (from the first 5 games of the season), and he offered to give his address so that I could send a DVD. I then did something that I can't believe I did.

I told him that my oldest son had put the video on YouTube, and would he like that link so he could view it that way?

To my surprise (or not), he gave me his e-mail address and asked me to send him the link - which I did, and now this coach has my son's highlight video.

Man, how things have changed!

If you want to view what this college coach now has, click HERE