Monday, August 27, 2007

Teenagers, iPods, and Traffic

This morning I got stuck with having to take Ben and his friend, Matt to school.

It was also "Late Start Monday" (which means school did not start until 8:15am) instead of the unheard-of hour of 7:25am.

My middle son, Matt usually handles the duties of taking the younger ones to school with him.

Well, I hate traffic - despise it - beyond most things I can mention. I believe it to be a colossal waste of time sitting bumper-to-bumper to get somewhere.

(side note - what is God trying to tell me that my sons attend a high school that is impossible to get in and out of because of traffic, and we attend a church which is impossible to get in and out of because of traffic?)

So, as I sat in traffic, trying to not comment on every idiot in the world breaking every traffic law written in their attempt to "get ahead of the line" (honestly, you wouldn't believe what we witnessed - I even watched a guy do a u-turn over the curb of the median right in front of me!), Ben decided to play with Karla's new iPod which was conveniently sitting in it's cradle waiting for teenage hands to mess with it.

Ben began to find all these songs, and he and his friend Matt were completely enlightened, entertained, and amused with this (while I sat steaming in my captain's chair).

I did calm down somewhat, and the thing that really amazed me about this whole Monday morning experience was when Ben got excited about finding a particular song on the iPod, and was shouting "oh, oh, oh, oh".....and he started the song, and the first four sounds you heard were a kick drum - that's all - just a kick drum, and Matt blurts out from the back seat, "Paul McCartney".......


I think we need a new game show for teenagers - an updated version of "Name That Tune".....Matt Edwards might win everytime!