Sunday, April 22, 2007

Prom - What A Mystery!

Last night was the Junior/Senior Prom for Matt. What a mystery.

Where else do you spend that kind of money, dress up in clothes for which you spent too much money either in the form of a purchase that will never be used again or in the form of a rental that you enjoyed for one very, very long evening.

Where else do you stand around with people taking hundreds of pictures of you and your friends, then you get into a limo that cost a fortune to take you to a place for dinner that costs another fortune, then you finally get to the location of the prom where everything is carefully organized, and you do whatever you do at a prom, then in this case, you board the General Jackson for a "cruise" on the Cumberland until 2:00am in the morning!!!!

THEN, the "experience" is not over - you have to go to yet another person's home for yet another party connected to prom night, and finally you arrive at yet another's friends house at 8:00am to FINALLY go to sleep?

You sleep for 3 hours, then you come home before you have to go return your expensive rental tuxedo, then go to work from 3:00pm - 8:00pm.

Wow - what a weekend....

A friend told me that Prom is a "rite of passage". Not sure what that means, but I just know that I have (3) more of these to do before I am "done".

There is something strange about going to sleep knowing your 17-year old is out and not at home in his bed where he belongs, and worse - will be "out" ALL NIGHT.....

It's not about me worrying about him - it's about all the other crazy people who are "out" all night, and who knows what "state" they are in......

It does make me wonder how this whole "prom thing" got started and evolved to what it has now become.....??????

at any rate - I believe a fun time was had by all!