Monday, September 25, 2006


Since we have never had a child get married, we only knew what friends and family tried to tell us.

Today, I have nothing to offer anyone. I have been tired in the past - on the heels of major productions, after an intense, extended time working on a project/recording, etc..., but nothing like this.

A friend told me that it would be overwhelming because never before have you experienced so many people expressing their love for you and for your child at one time.....maybe not since birth! They were/are so right.

This weekend was so full - so emotional - so very, very wonderful. I am truly overwhelmed.

I had pre-determined that I would not bother with taking photos. I did not want that to distract me from "experiencing the moments". The temptation was too much for me, so I decided to take some before the ceremony. I was having trouble with my flash on my camera, so Kim and Seth worked on it, then Kim tested it.

We were really just "messin' around", but this photo might very well be one of my favorites - and there are many.....

Happy Marriage, Seth & Arley - I love you both!
Dad (The Lion King)