Friday, May 05, 2006

Applauding Greatness

I love to remember, and I love to marvel at greatness.

I got the best of both worlds this week when I picked up the newest CD of one of the most talented and awe-filled vocal groups ever - Take 6.

I had not heard anything recently from these guys (and did not realize just how much I missed it), so I took the plunge and made the purchase. I was not disappointed.

The first surprise was a stunning rendition of a song almost 30 years old by an artist who influenced me in ways I cannot describe.

"This Is Another Day" by Andrae Crouch came along in 1977 and had to be (at that time) one of the most refreshing recordings for me! I remember so many things about that recording, so to hear Take 6 "get all over" that song - just have to hear it....

Then, later on the Take 6 CD, they do a song that is 50 years old - (appropriately titled) "Just In Time" - oh my.......way to go, guys!

I am thrilled that I get to appreciate songs written this year and those written 30 years ago and 50 years ago, and yes, even 300+ years ago (see my previous post). I hope you applaud greatness like I applaud greatness - it's a really healthy thing to do....