Friday, February 17, 2006

The Second Chance

Tonight I took my youngest son, Ben to the premiere of the new movie entitled, "The Second Chance".

Besides having friends who wrote, directed, and starred in it....besides some of it being filmed at my church........besides my choir being on the sound track recording with Michael W. Smith.......besides my oldest son, Seth being in the movie and creating a video/TV commercial that appears in the movie......besides my dear friends' son editing the film........besides my best friend's funny "cameo" appearance in it (pay attention or you will miss it!).........and besides the obvious things we all deal with after viewing any movie (did you like it - what did you think?, etc..), I want to do all I can to encourage you to see this movie THIS WEEKEND!

Steve Taylor is a wonderfully creative filmmaker. I want him to be able to make more films, and if you and thousands of others will go see this movie THIS WEEKEND, then Sony Pictures will expand the release next weekend to more cities, theatres, and ultimately more people will see the movie.

For more information, go to click here

I will refrain from saying anymore. The website will tell you all you need to know, then you need to decide to spend a few dollars this weekend supporting something worth supporting. I am taking my entire family back on Saturday - hope to see you at the theatre!!

Happy Fandango"ing"!!