Thursday, June 05, 2008

Celebrating 15 Years

One thing that a sabbatical affords is time to reflect.

About a month ago, the incredible choir that God has allowed me to lead and serve along side with for the past 15 years did a most wonderful thing - they gave me a book of congratulatory notes written to me (by choir members) on the occasion of my 15th anniversary as worship minister at church.

For whatever reasons, last night I decided to open the book and read some of the notes. It was a most humbling experience to read nice things that people wrote to me.

I must share one of them in this post because I laughed out loud - for quite awhile -oh my gosh - this is hilarious and so fitting considering the person. (I so love you GT!)

Here ya go - and this is EXACTLY what he wrote:


You are a such a loser! Talk to me after you have been at one job for 30 years. 15 years is just getting started. Seriously, I love you more than my 20-gauge shotgun. You are awesome and I admire your heart and your love for God and His people. It is an honor serving under your leadership. If there is ever anything you need, ask someone else.