Saturday, June 28, 2008

29 Years - Lost and Found

This post is an admission of negligence and grace.

One evening sometime in the month of April, I came home from work and did what I always do - I removed my watch and my wedding ring, slid my wedding ring onto my watch band, connected the watch band and then..........

For the past 60-70 days, I have been in search of my lost watch and wedding band. I have (as they say) turned things upside down in search of it. After looking everywhere possible, I finally confessed that I was afraid that I had somehow "thrown them away" in a bag of things brought home from Target or somewhere.

Who knows? All knew was I was not happy about losing my wedding ring after 29 incredible years of marriage.

So, one afternoon on my sabbatical, Karla and I went shopping for a replacement wedding ring. As I entered each store, the conversation began with me announcing "I made it for 29 years before losing my wedding ring". That usually brought about a very willing sales person to offer ridiculously expensive replacements.

My how rings have changed in 29 years!

Well, on the afternoon of June 22, 2008, I purchased my new (replacement) wedding ring - see photo!! Karla loves it (that's all that matters), and now my ring finger no longer feels naked, and that's a good thing.

So......all is well......until tonight......

I was searching for something else that was lost (not nearly as important as my lost wedding ring), and guess what I found? lost watch and my lost wedding ring!

So, now the dilemma......keep the new one or wear the old one?

At this writing, that decision has not been made, but I am still in shock that I actually found this lost wedding ring.

God extended grace to me - yet again.......