Friday, March 31, 2006

120 crayons

I had a friend ask me last night about my blog name. Here's what I told him.

A few years ago, I was asked to give a "talk" on worship, and in my preparation, the analogy of the use of crayons came to mind. I quickly made a trip to Target to investigate crayons (since my kids were long past using them on a regular basis).

I found (at that time) the smallest box of crayons was (8) and the largest was (64). I used them as "visual aids" in my talk to make this point.

In worship, we experience God in ALL of His glory - His creation, and ALL that He is and has made. I would hate to think that we are limited to only (8) colors when attempting to describe God or in our responsive expressions of worship. So, why not use all (64)......So, now if you come into my office, you will find a box of (64) crayons. They are there as a reminder.

Since that time, I have researched and learned that the newest, largest box of crayons that can be purchased is 120. (Don't ask me why it's not 128 - I don't know)

So, there is the story - more than what you cared to read......