Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Resilient Life - Part "Last"

OK, this has gone on long enough - I will choose to combine the final list of questions and end this saga of "oh, my, why must I deal with life in such a manner as this" confrontations.......

Hey, it's the real deal - I can't help it if the truth hurts, but it really does sometimes, doesn't it?

Oh well - here are the final list of questions, and since I don't know of ANY 60-80-somethings who read my blog - just humor yourself with these - maybe they will bring some insight to our future - maybe not - regardless, here they are, and if God is gracious enough to allow us these years, here are the questions we might be asking:

(BTW - I just happen to think they are incredibly powerful questions!)

1. When do I stop doing the things that have always defined me?
2. Why do I feel ignored by a large part of the younger population?
3. Why am I curious about who is listed in the obituary column of the newspapers, how they died, and what kinds of lives they lived?
4. Do I have enough time to do all the things I've dreamed about in the past?
5. Who will be around me when I die?
6. Which one of us will go first, and what is it like to say good-bye to someone with whom you have shared so many years of life?
7. Are the things I believe in capable of taking me to the end?
8. Is there really life after death?
9. What do I regret?
10. What are the chief satisfactions of these many years of living?
11. What have I done that will outlive me?

1. Does anyone realize of even care who I once was?
2. Is my story important to anyone?
3. How much of my life can I still control?
4. Is there anything I can still contribute?
5. Why this anger and irritability?
6. Is God really there for me?
7. Am I ready to face death?
8. And when I die (how will it happen), will I be missed, or will the news of my death bring relief?
8. Heaven? What is it like?