Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter - 2006

(I took this photo of Ben and Karla today in my office - where does that kid get all that hair???)

I hope you had a fabulous Easter Sunday!

I guess I have now lived long enough to experience so much of what this day means to me as a believer, a minister, a husband, and a father. I love this day for so very many reasons.

I am blessed to have been introduced (at an early age) to what Easter is all about.

I am blessed to work with extraordinary people who understand how to come together to create beautiful and elegant Easter worship experiences for thousands who come to worship on this day.

I am blessed as a husband and a father to cherish simple traditions of this day with family and friends - doing things that we have done for many, many years together - may we never take them for granted.....

and finally - how I wish I could fully grasp what it means to live in the power of the Resurrection.....