Friday, January 21, 2011

From Ghost To Smoke Monster

It's always fun to hear about/discover the latest stuff created by your kids.

Beginning with their first time they color a picture of you that for the life of you you cannot figure out how it resembles you, to that school project where they have to "track their life" in photos and articles and paste it to a piece of poster board that you had to go to (3) different stores at 11:00pm the night before to find, to the annual "what will I be for Halloween" this year (in this photo, he just wanted to be a ghost - well, a ghost wearing Mickey Mouse ears!)......over and over again, more and more "here's what I've created lately" moments followed.

This week I learned of Seth's (our oldest) latest "here's what I've created moment."

I know I am dabbling (is that a word?) in borderline dangerously "parental prideful" territory with this, but after viewing this, I was pretty amazed at this "making of"......

I'm his Dad - I am supposed to be amazed, and well - I am. You may view it kinda like "the making of a clock"...... If that's you, then I recommend watching the first 1:40, then skip over Seth's tutorial to near the end - 11:25.

However, I have to say that if I had had teachers like Seth Worley explaining things to me in the classroom in the way he explained how he created this video, I might have paid closer attention in class!

So, we never know what is next for our kids, but for now, I enjoy this and I share it with those of you who have 5-13 minutes to watch something funny, interesting, and entertaining.

Click HERE, then click on the photo of the smoke in the chair!

BTW - you don't have to be a LOST fan to enjoy this - take it from one who knows......