Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 Things Currently Making An Impression On My Life

1. The song, Come As You Are by Pocket Full Of Rocks
2. My son, Seth's Adventure Now 3 Video Series for Fuge Camps - (60,000 students will witness it this summer!)
3. The song, You Are Faithful by Michael Boggs
4. My son, Ben's Adventure Now 3 Video Series original musical score AND his original musical score for the CentriKid Camps video series entitled, Kitchen Bink
5. Reflecting on getting to spend Mother's Day with my Mom
6. My son, Matt's work ethic particularly related to Flood Relief
7. My pastor's sermon on forgiveness
8. The possible re-scheduling of the Community Hymn Sing
9. The song/arrangement of Lean On Me by Patti Austin - (who turns 60 in August - ridiculous!)
10. Getting to mow Seth/Arley/Elliott's yard - seriously....might be the most therapeutic thing I do each week.....