Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back To School

Karla posted some beautifully creative photos on her Facebook page that represent the past years of "first day of school", and our tradition of capturing our kids on the front porch as they venture off for their very first day of school.

What a wonderful tradition. The end of summer. The beginning of yet another school year.

Karla said it well when she said "Ben is the last man standing"

Five days later, Karla had a full day of meetings, so I stayed home to help Matt load the truck with way more stuff than any human being needs in a frat house room as he ventured down I65 back for his sophomore year at Samford University.

My oh my how these kids grow up so quickly!

Here is Seth (with Karla) leaving for his first day of kindergarten!

Savor the moments we have with our kids, and thank God for each first day of school!