Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Simple Life

Many of you who read this blog from time to time will relate to this post because you have experienced first-hand what I experienced today.

While my Mom was at doctor's appointment 30 miles away, I (along with the trusty help from my aunt) cleaned out my Dad's closet. (My mom really didn't want to be here for that - totally understandable)

I knew today was "my day to step up." My sister has "walked through fire" these past several days - not to mention weeks, months, and years simply by "being here" (she lives 30 minutes away) whenever my Mom and Dad needed her. As a retired school teacher, she recently took an extended "sub" job at a school - today, she had to go back to work.

So, in no way attempting to measure up to or come anywhere near what she has done for this family in so many different ways, I knew that at least to some extent, this was "my job" to do what needed to be done - I had to be the "closet-cleaner"!

What I discovered in this process was yet another tribute to the class and character of my Dad.....

1. Put others first
2. Don't make a big deal about the clothes you wear -
choose function over style
3. Stay organized
4. Live simply

Here is a photo of every single piece of clothing my father owned - (yes, a few things had already been claimed, but this was the bulk of it) - all fitting in one small suitcase and on several hangers! He lived 86 years for crying out loud, and the sum total of his clothing fit on the corner of his bed! (He did have some kind of thing for suspenders - notice the basketful!)

I then had to photograph this bag and this cap. I gave this bag to my Dad many years ago at Christmas - it is still in mint condition. I think this cap was his favorite. I really hope my mom will hang it in the closet as a reminder of the wonderful man he was.

I miss him today.....and now I need to go home and throw everything I have away - (or at least make sure that ALL my clothes fit on the corner of my bed!) - it really doesn't matter anyway does it? I certainly can't take it with me, so I can only hope and pray that whatever it is I leave behind will be of value to my kids or grand kids.