Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday!

My 57th birthday was last Sunday.

Before you consider me to be egotistical in wishing myself a belated happy birthday, this post is truly not about me - other than the honor I have of sharing my birthday with a true legend - one of my heroes...... George Beverly Shea.

For 62 years, Bev Shea has been the voice of the Billy Graham Crusades. He turned 100 on Sunday, and he did a concert!!!! Good grief - a concert at age 100!! Most people don't get to breathe that many years, much less still be able to carry a tune out loud!

I know I have talked and written about being with the Billy Graham Crusade in Syracuse, NY in March of 1989. I talk and write about that because it was such an honor to be around that team of people. Bev Shea was gracious to sit in a quiet room under the arena seating in the Carrier Dome and visit with me that evening. I will always remember the opportunity to just listen to him talk about life and ministry.

So, I encourage you to read more about this incredible man of God. You can do so by clicking HERE