Monday, November 03, 2008

Painting With A Friend

Part of my weekly "ritual" of things to do during the high school football season for the past few years has been to help a friend paint this Power F on the football field of Franklin High School for their home games.

My friend got the job because of his creativity, and he does the painting of the school's "logo" for several high school football fields in the area.

Since my middle son played on the football team the past two years and my youngest son now marches in the band at Franklin, I wanted to keep doing it if I could.

This season, my friend has been through some pretty rough physical stuff with stomach cancer, chemo and other treatments......even to the point of him physically not being able to do the first Power F of this season because he was so sick. (we did the best we could without his direction and inspiration!)

Getting to help my friend paint the Power F this season has been rewarding in a different way. He seems to value that time more than in the past. I sense that in the conversations we have had. Even in the seemingly meaningless duty of painting a high school football field, I get to know and appreciate my friend in a deeper way.

Maybe this week, we should all take a few minutes to value the conversations that come our way.

For me, I am glad that Franklin has at least one more home game this Friday so I get to paint (and talk) with my friend!