Sunday, November 04, 2007

November 1 - A Really Good Day!

Friends and family tell you that becoming a grandparent is an amazing experience.

They are right.

On Thursday evening, November 1 at 6:19pm, our beautiful daughter-in-law, Arley gave birth to Elliott Benjamin.

He is a beautiful baby, and I am still in awe trying to imagine my oldest son as a father.

In these few moments after Elliott's birth, I have watched Seth, and I believe he is and will be a great father.

I can't wait to watch this kid grow up - what an absolute joy beyond words......

I held him in my arms tonight and stared into his face. I so wished he could tell me what he was thinking, but I guess I will have to wait for that...

in the meantime, it's very difficult to describe all the feelings and emotions of the past few days......other than God continues to amaze me at what He creates!