Saturday, May 19, 2007

There Goes The Neighborhood

We have lived in the same neighborhood now for almost (17) years.

Matt was (7) months old when we moved into this house and neighborhood. Ben was not even a dream or wish in our mind. This neighborhood has always been a truly GREAT neighborhood.......a great place to raise kids, to enjoy neighbors, backyards, and evenings much like tonight when the air is clear, clean, and cool - even in late May.

We have had our share of gatherings (both large and small) in our back yard. We have a great back yard because of the shape of it, and because it literally connects to the "common ground" that our neighborhood is so "known for". So, therefore through the years, we have hosted hundreds of people having fun and enjoying music, food, and each other!

Well, that may have come to an end - all because we now have a new neighbor who lives behind us - on the other side of what I would call a very small "creek bed".

Twice now, this neighbor has made his way over to our back yard to ask us to "keep the noise down because his small kids either need to take a nap or go to bed at 8:30pm". BUMMER!

What ever happened to the good ol' neighborhood where you could shoot off fireworks at any time of the day, hang out with friends in your back yard and maybe even be a bit on the "tame rowdy" side?

This "new-to-the-neighborhood" scrooge asked our boys to quit shooting off fireworks at 9:30pm - on the evening of JULY 4th for crying out loud! (Never mind the rest of the neighborhood was shooting off fireworks well past 11:00pm!!)

Now, last Sunday - near the conclusion of a most delightful Mother's Day - this clown actually came across his yard, through my back yard to my driveway and garage, and asked my sons if they would "tone it down" so his small kids could go to sleep (my sons were immensely enjoying one another playing different instruments in MY garage at 7:30pm!!)

Now before I sound like a ruthless, "you-know-what", I don't hate this guy. I feel sorry for him. My kids were young once - (check out the photo above). I don't think I would have ever asked a neighbor to "tone it down". That's not the "neighborhood way" - especially THIS neighborhood! We just have fun, and enjoy our neighbors with all our weirdness and differences and "stuff" that we deal with.

So, I don't want to not like this guy.

I realize in a few years, we won't have any more kids in the house except an occasional grandbaby, so who knows - maybe I might wander over his direction and ask him to quit mowing so my grandkid can take a nap!