Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Top Ten Questions - 24

Just for fun - here are my questions/comments as we enter ?? hour of this season's episodes. Which, by the way, what hour are we in anyway?

Oh well - have some fun with me.....

1. What's up with Milo?
2. Is Doyle good or bad?
3. Is Tom Lennox good or bad?
4. Who's the next president after yet another Palmer dies?
5. Did I really say that Wayne Palmer will die?
6. What's up with the President's sister's friend in the hospital? Is that related to anything significant?
7. Is VP Daniels really as bad as we want him to be?
8. Please bring on more of Aaron Pierce!
9. You didn't really believe Audrey was dead, did you?
10. Where the heck is Jack's Dad?