Monday, February 19, 2007

Counting The Days

In a few days, Karla and I will celebrate 28 years of marriage!

We will get away from the stress of our lives and relax at this lovely cabin.

I so much respect my friends who make the time, create the space, and get away periodically to "recover".

The older I get, the more I realize how important that "recovery time" is.

It's interesting that the definitions that come up under the word, "recovery" are:

1) return to health - the return to normal health of somebody who has been ill or injured

2. return to normal state - the return of something to a normal or improved state after a setback or loss

3. gaining back of something lost - the regaining of something lost or taken away

I relate to all of these - in some ways. Illness manifests itself in many different ways. The returning of something to normal always makes me laugh because I have yet to discover what normal is! The regaining of something lost or taken away often relates to me because there are too many times in life when I have allowed something inside of me to be taken away or lost - maybe it's a piece of my soul.....or some fabric of my emotions that for whatever reasons prevent me from being passionate about those things I once believed in......

I have had several medical surgeries over the years. Not once have the doctors "wheeled me out of surgery" directly into my car to go home - there is ALWAYS a recovery period.

I am in need of a recovery period for reasons that I still don't fully grasp. I just know I need this time for me, and as selfish as that sounds, I know it's true.

So, admitting to my selfish motive and grateful to my wonderful wife who wants to get away with me - here's to an anniversary weekend with this person who has loved me unconditionally for 28+ years! You are one amazing woman!

Happy Anniversary to us!